Frequently Asked Questions

In order to answer some of the more common questions we are asked we have compiled the following:

  • What area do you cover?
    South East Wales (NP CF SA postal codes) Also some BS and LD postcodes.
  • Can I bring my car to you?
    At present no. As the majority of our work is attending cars with no keys, we are on the road most of the day so appointments are at your home or work place or wherever you vehicle is located.
  • Can you program the keys(s) that I have purchased from the Internet?
    This is a grey area as most keys/remotes once programmed to vehicle can not be re programmed to another car. But for the keys that can there are many variants across model years so its hard to tell what you have and if it will work. We can only advise on new products. If we attend your vehicle and the product you have supplied does not  to your vehicle there will still be a charge.
  • What are the costs?
    Each job can vary in price. It will depend on you vehicle, it’s age and your current situation. Please use our Contact Us page and fill out the form with as much detail as you can to receive a accurate quotation.
  • Can I arrange a specific time for you to call?
    On some occasions yes but we currently work on a AM or PM appointment as some jobs can take longer than others and we also have to cover emergency work for police and recovery agencies.
  • What is the car pass/security code?
    Some vehicle manufactures supply security cards with useful information such as keys numbers that can save time and money for you if you have them. These are usually located in you vehicle folder.
  • My key does not have a transponder chip
    This might be the case. Some vehicles require the remote control function to deactivate the immobiliser but as a rule if your car was manufactured after 1990 there is a good chance it has some sort of immobiliser security system linked to the key or remote.
  • How long does it take to make new keys?
    Depending on you vehicle and the process required anything from 15 mins to 1.5 hours
  • Do you replace the locks on the vehicle?
    Only if required. When programming your new key(s) we can delete the old key information to inhibit any lost or stolen keys from starting your vehicle.
  • Do you cover Mercedes vehicles?
    Yes, but service is limited. We cover the Smart Car range and commercial vans.  As for cars we do have some options for lost key situations but please Contact Us for options.
  • Are you cheaper than the dealer?
    Yes… and quicker.
  • How can I pay?
    We accept all types of credit and debit cards along with cash and bank transfers. Please note we no longer accept cheques. All jobs will require payment on completion.
  • What do you need from me?
    If you have no keys to your vehicle and require replacements then you will need to prove that you have the legal right to take the vehicle. We will no under any circumstances provide keys to a vehicle if there is any doubt you are not the rightful owner or you can not prove so.