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Auto Locksmith in South Wales: Mobile Car Key Service

Lockdown restrictions are slowly being relaxed across the UK, which means we are slowly getting back to our “normal” lives. Since most of us have been confined to our homes for the last three months (apart from essential travel), chances are we have misplaced items that we haven’t been using as regularly, due to our usual routines being up in the air, such as our car keys.

Mercedes Car

Losing your car keys, particularly if you don’t have a spare set, can cause panic and stress. However, there’s no need for any of these situations as new car keys can be easily programmed with the assistance of a qualified professional in as quickly as an hour.

Many people who find themselves in the event of requiring replacement car keys get their car towed to their nearest dealer. Not only can towing be expensive, but the auto locksmith service at a dealership can be pricey too. Both of which can take up a day, if not more, of your time. Alternatively, you can call us here at County Auto Keys. We can guarantee the fees you pay will be a lot less!

New Car Keys On The Spot

Our mobile service means we can come straight to you, wherever you might be in South Wales. We have all of the equipment we need in our van which means you’ll receive your new car keys on the spot. We have access to a huge database of VIN numbers, which means we can verify and confirm your identity quickly and efficiently.

Remember, if your car key fob stops functioning properly or seems to be running out of battery, it might be a good time to call a professional in to avoid being without a fully working key. Sometimes it’s simply a build up of dirt inside the key fob and other times it could be faulty wiring. No matter the issue, we know our car keys well and are therefore equipped to help.

Not only do we repair and programme car keys, we can also remove broken keys and fix locks.

Mobile Auto Locksmith South Wales

We are pleased to offer a mobile auto locksmith service to customers in the South Wales area. This means we can get to you quickly and remove any need for panic, getting you back behind the wheel that very same day.

County Auto Keys is committed to providing an excellent service and an efficient assistance to all customers. This is reflected in the ​Google Reviews we have received​ over the years.

For all of your replacement and spare car key requirements, please ​get in touch with us today!



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