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Smart Car Keys

We are one of the only mobile auto locksmith services in South Wales to offer key supply and programming for the Mercedes Smart cars. These keys are rare but we have taken stock of a good quantity mainly for the Smart four two but also the Smart four four.

A common fault on these cars is where the remote and the car will lose the full signal/code and the Smart Car will only respond with the indicators flashing but no central locking action. This will usually involve climbing through the boot as this is the only mechanical access. If you contact your local Smart Car dealer they will usually look to supply you with a new key and require YOU to recover the vehicle to them to have your new key programmed …….when it’s delivered to the dealers and this can take up to 5 days!!


County Auto Keys can re program your keys or supply and program new when you have lost yours. On the same day, with no recovery, no huge bills and no hassle. We come to you.

Please you our Contact page if you require a quotation.

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