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Volkswagen, Audi, Seat,
Skoda Keys

Providing a key replacement service for the VAG group (Volkswagen Audi Group) of vehicles is not as simple as most vehicles on today’s roads. In early 2006 the manufacturer introduced component security system to their keys that at the time confined any new keys for vehicles of that age only available via the local dealer.


Component security is a security measure where a key can only be programmed to a car if it has a set amount of data already loaded to the transponder chip, this data is car specific and only the manufacturer has this information so only they can pre load the keys with the correct and required info so that the key is good to be programmed. This then stopped any auto locksmiths providing keys other than if supplied by a dealer. But over time with advances in technology this process is now available and in use by County Auto Keys. We can now at the roadside prepare a dealer level key for VW,Audi,Seat and Skoda whom all now use this process. With near dealer level equipment a key can be cut , pre loaded with the correct component security and coded to the car in around 25 minutes.


This process is now in place on most of the later VAG vehicles 2006 onward.


County Auto keys are now able to replace keys or create keys for the later MK6 Golf/Sirocco vehicles. We have the ability to replace keys roadside the same day to this later car. Other than the dealer we are the only service in South Wales able to provide this without dealer ordered keys or recovery.

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