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Auto Locksmith vs Dealership for Replacement Car Keys

If you don’t have a spare car key and due to a stolen, damaged or lost key you can no longer access your vehicle, there are two options for you to choose from when it comes to replacing them. You can either get in touch with a local auto locksmith like ourselves, or visit a dealership.

It can be tempting to call the dealership you bought your car from, but there are various compelling reasons as to why you should contact an auto locksmith instead.

Auto Locksmiths are mobile

Finding yourself in the situation of urgently needing a replacement car key can be stressful and inconvenient. That’s why auto locksmiths are usually mobile (we cover the South Wales and Bristol areas), unlike most dealerships. We understand that if you suddenly don’t have access to your car, it only makes things even more difficult having to find travel arrangements to fix the situation.

Auto Locksmiths charge less

The cost of replacing your car keys really depends on the make and model of your car. However, you can be certain that a dealership will charge you more than an auto locksmith will – you can find yourself paying twice the price or more!

Auto Locksmiths will save you time

Dealerships don’t routinely deal with replacement car keys, which means you could be waiting for up to two weeks for new ones. Auto locksmiths deal with replacement car keys on a daily basis, which means they have everything there and then to get the job done in order to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. By going to an auto locksmith for replacement car keys, you’ll be waiting a matter of hours or days.

Auto Locksmiths have the right equipment on-hand

As long as you contact a reputable and experienced auto locksmith, you can be assured that they will have the equipment with them to replicate and programme most make of car keys – you can find the full list of manufacturers we deal with here. The equipment we use means that it’s likely you’ll have your replacement keys that very same day.

These days, car keys are programmed to improve the security of your vehicle. You might think that due to this, a dealership is the best option, but top auto locksmiths also have the equipment to deal with the changing technology and security coding.

A car can be one of the most expensive items we invest in during our lifetime. Which is why you should give them the best service and treatment, whilst making it convenient for yourself.

If you are in the South Wales or Bristol area and find yourself needing a replacement car key, call us today and you will receive a quick, convenient, expert key repair service.



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