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Could your Car be a Target?: The UK’s Most Stolen Cars

There’s nothing more exciting than getting a new car, whether it's brand spanking new from the showroom or second-hand. However, before you take the steps towards purchasing your new car, it might be worth considering whether it could be a potential target to car thieves. If you already own a car that’s mentioned in the UK’s most stolen cars list, make sure it’s as secure and protected as possible so that car thieves think twice about stealing it.

In 2020 vehicle theft rose by a third with 74,769 vehicles stolen, despite lockdowns and people being able to keep a closer eye on their cars.

Is your car make and model one of the UK’s most stolen?

Most Stolen Cars

The Top 15 most Stolen Cars in 2020

Ford Fiesta - 3,392

Land Rover Range Rover - 2,881

Volkswagen Golf - 1,975

Ford Focus - 1,587

BMW 3 Series - 1,435

Vauxhall Astra - 1,126

Land Rover Discovery - 900

Mercedez-Benz E Class - 766

BMW 5 Series - 678

Nissan Qashqai - 655

Ford Kuga - 620

BMW X5 - 551

Fiat 500 - 358

Mercedez-Benz GLC - 342

Audi A6 - 268

The above stats were provided by the DVLA for all vehicles notified by the police as stolen between the 1st January 2020 and 21st December 2020. This list is a result of an FOI request from Rivervale Leasing.

Keyless Entry

Keyless theft is at an all time high and is the reason for 93% of all car theft. By using equipment that tricks the car into thinking the key fob is nearby, thieves can gain entry to a vehicle quickly and quietly. In most cases, the victims don’t realise their car is stolen until some time afterwards. Read our tips for keeping your keyless entry car safe.

What to do if your Car Keys have been stolen?

If you suspect that your car keys have been stolen, it’s important that you inform the police. If you don’t have a spare set or aren’t close to where they’re kept, get in touch with an Auto Locksmith. Most provide a mobile service and are able to come to your location.

If you do have access to a spare set of keys, it’s worth considering getting another set made for any possible future sticky situations.

Looking for an Auto Locksmith in Cwmbran, Newport, Cardiff or Swansea?

We provide a mobile Auto Locksmith service to the whole of South Wales. If you’re in need of assistance gaining access to your vehicle, or if your car keys have been lost, stolen or damaged, please get in touch today.



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