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Getting Access to a Spare Car Key in Cardiff

There could be multiple reasons why you are looking for a spare car key in Cardiff. Your car may have only come with one when you bought it, or you could be looking at getting a spare to keep with a relative or friend in case of an emergency. No matter the reason, we are able to produce duplicate keys (as well as help with lost and damaged keys) at a fraction of the cost and time that a main dealer would offer.

How do we programme a spare car key?

We can produce duplicate car keys in Cardiff on the same day, depending on the type of transponder chip embedded in them. Car security has evolved massively in recent years, with transponder chips holding data recognisable to a cars immobiliser system, therefore allowing it to start.

By using sophisticated key programming equipment, we can copy the code into a new transponder chip, providing you with a new, spare car key.

The benefits of having a spare car key

Avoid being locked out of your car

Being locked out of a car can happen to anyone, it only takes a small mistake. But without a spare car key to get back into your car, you will need to call out a locksmith, such as ourselves, to get you back in.

Reduce the possibility of car keys breaking

Like most things, extended use of your car key can result it in potentially breaking. Using them day-in-day-out, depending on the type of key your car has, can make them wear down or the battery die. By having a spare car key, you can alternate their use and reduce the chance of the original getting damaged.

A spare car key can help save you money

Whilst yes, it does cost to have a spare key programmed, it actually saves you money and lost time. Being locked out of your car can result in missed appointments and days at work.

Auto Locksmiths for South Wales

Having a spare car key not only provides peace of mind but added convenience too. If you’re looking to get a spare car key made for your vehicle, or assistance with lost or damaged car keys, we can help. We offer a comprehensive vehicle locksmith service to the South Wales and Bristol areas, and are able to supply car keys for most models of cars. Not only will you receive the spare key that day, but you will receive it cheaper than going to the dealer. Get in touch for more information.



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