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The Process of Replacing a Lost Car Key

If you’ve lost your car keys and don’t have a spare to hand, you won’t be able to access your

vehicle. In most cases, car manufacturers provide two car keys and this is for two reasons. The

first being so that you have a spare key to use should the first be damaged or lost. Secondly, the

spare acts as a blueprint for someone such as an auto locksmith, to be able to make a


But what happens if you need to replace a lost car key and don’t have a spare?

Lost Car Key BMW

Being without a spare car key can leave you feeling frustrated, especially if you need your

vehicle to be somewhere. Years ago, car keys were universal but nowadays they are specific to

a particular vehicle, which is why it’s useful to keep a spare somewhere safe and to hand.

Hiring an Auto Locksmith

If you’ve read some of our other blogs, you’ll probably know that we often tell our readers to hire

an auto locksmith over the help from a car garage for replacement key assistance. This is

because it saves you time, money and expenses on getting your car (which has no key) to the


It is generally a lot easier to make a replacement car key if you have the original, however due

to today’s technology and the expertise and knowledge of auto locksmiths, it is possible to do

the job without it.

In order to determine the type of key your car uses the auto locksmith will ask you a few

questions such as, what type of key your car has e.g. traditional mechanical key, transponder

key or key fob.

Proof of Ownership and VIN

Once you know what type of car key you need, you’ll need to provide proof of ownership and

the VIN number of your vehicle - this can be found on your dashboard or the engine bay. If you

can’t find it, don’t worry, the auto locksmith will be able to locate it.

Once the VIN has been located, the auto locksmith will use this information to look through their

vehicle database and select the correct car key for you. They can then create a new one and

should it need programming, do this for you also.

Once you have your new car key, don’t forget to get a spare made to avoid any tricky situations

in the future.

For all of your auto locksmith requirements in South Wales, please get in touch.



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