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Tips to Help you Choose the Best Auto Locksmith

If you’re a vehicle owner, you will know all too well that things can go wrong quite often with them. If you lose your car keys, have them stolen or they’re damaged, you will require the services of a professional auto locksmith. These types of situations can be stressful and time-consuming, but the right auto locksmith will be able to put you at ease.

Depending on the situation, you may need a new car key programmed or locks repaired. When Googling for an auto locksmith, there will be many to choose from, however not all of them can handle your issue adequately.

The best autolocksmith

We’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the right, professional (and rightly qualified) auto locksmith.

Check Qualifications and Accreditations

We’ve all heard about “cowboy” tradesmen. The same is true for auto locksmiths. Unfortunately there’s companies out there who are providing unsatisfactory services and claiming they have experience, qualifications and accreditations when they don’t.

Always make sure the auto locksmith you choose can prove their qualifications and accreditations. It’s also important that the auto locksmith has the relevant insurance cover to compensate you should they damage your vehicle.

Get an Estimated Quote

Ensure you get quotes from different auto locksmiths (to compare) for your issue, and that the auto locksmith you choose fixes this quote so that there’s no unexpected fees further down the line - make sure you don’t compromise on the quality of the service for a cheaper auto locksmith.

Obtaining a quote in advance of the service also allows you to gather the right amount of money before the service commences.

Get Recommendations

There’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth. Particularly when someone you know recommends a service they have personally received. Ask your family, friends or colleagues and at least one of them will be able to point you in the direction of a professional auto locksmith.

Check Reviews

When buying a new oven, car or anything else for that matter, it’s important you look at reviews. There’s so many places online now such as Google, Social Media and websites like Trustpilot which will give you honest reviews from customers - although make sure you look out for ones that could be “fake”. Some businesses write their own reviews!

Qualified and Professional Auto Locksmith in South Wales

Here at County Auto Keys, you can be sure that we are who we say we are. We’ve worked from the bottom up, qualifying as a Master Locksmith in 2009 and now holding the British Locksmith Institute (BLI) qualification - feel free to ask to see our certificates.

We’ve worked with some big companies, which goes to show the quality of our work. We don’t only provide auto locksmith services to the general public, we also work with the AA and Gwent Police. See more about us ​here​.



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