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What is a Car Key Remote and How do I Fix it?

There aren’t many cars on the road today that don’t come without a car key remote. Most of which, now use keyless entry, that provides more convenience for drivers.

If your car key remote suddenly stops working, you probably won’t be able to access your vehicle or start the engine. Depending on the issue, it may be replaced or there may be a way of fixing the broken one.

Car Key Remote

Car Key Remotes

Primarily powered by lithium coin batteries, car key remotes were originally designed to operate door and boot locks. And now, due to technology advancements, they are able to control locks and alarms, as well as start vehicles. Whilst what they do may sound complicated, they are actually quite simple devices when taken apart.

Based on communication, a car key remote is a radio device that sends a signal to the responder in your vehicle.

If you car key remote suddenly stops working, there could be numerous reasons why.

The Batteries have Died

If the battery in your car key remote has died, then it will have no power. The lithium coin batteries do have a long life, however there’s no telling how much life there is left in it until it starts to run low. ‘


The remote transmitter and receiver in your car work with each other. When one isn’t working or programmed, this means the other won’t. They need to be paired to each other (providing an extra level of security) in order to work as they should.

These types of problems usually affect second-hand car owners.

Damaged Transmitter or Receiver

If you car key remotes transmitter is damaged, it won’t be able to communicate with your vehicle's receiver.The reason the transmitter won’t work could be due to loose connections or internal damage.

Whatever the issue, it is unlikely that you will be able to fix this yourself and will need to hire the service of an auto locksmith.

Auto Locksmith South Wales

Hopefully this blog has helped you gather an idea of how and what is wrong with your car key remote. If the cause is down to the battery, this is pretty simple to fix yourself. However, for programming and damage to car key remotes (and if you have any questions) you should get in touch with a local auto locksmith.



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