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What to do if your Car Keys are Locked inside your Car

Whilst most newer cars on the road today are designed to make this less likely, it’s still possible

to lock your car keys in your car. You might have been unloading shopping, tending to a pet or

child, checking your phone or have simply walked into the house without realising you had left

your car keys in the boot. By which point it’s too late and your car has automatically locked itself

with the keys inside.

This can be particularly stressful and cause panic, particularly if a child or pet is locked inside.

We’ve put together some tips on what you can do to help get you back inside your vehicle

quickly and safely. Trust us, this happens more often than you think!

Keep Spare Car Keys to Hand

Whilst it’s probably one of the most obvious answers, it’s not always the first thing on your mind

during an event such as this. Spare car keys should be kept safe at home - if you aren’t able to

get there, ask a family member or friend (if they have access to your home) to get it for you.

Otherwise, get a taxi or ask a family member or friend nicely to pick you up and retrieve it.

Keep Calm and don’t Damage the Vehicle

Your instincts may be to try and pry, or even smash, the door or window of your vehicle open,

especially if the situation has you in a panic. But please refrain from doing this, unless it is an

emergency of course and you are fearing for the safety of a child or pet. By damaging your

vehicle you could end up paying a lot more, with a higher repair bill, than if you called

professional assistance. Auto locksmiths have tools that help them get into a vehicle without

causing damage.

Call an Auto Locksmith or Recovery Service

If you’re already a member of the AA or RAC for example and don’t have access to a spare key,

it would be sensible to call them for a recovery service. Some auto locksmiths such as

ourselves, are part of the AA Key Assist Service, which means we are called out via the AA

should you contact them. Being part of the AA Key Assist Service means that we undergo

yearly inspections and adhere to a strict key replacement service.

Remember, if you do call for an auto locksmith, ensure they have the correct qualifications

before hiring them.

Professional Auto Locksmith South Wales

For all of your auto locksmith requirements in the South Wales area (the areas we cover can be

found here), please get in touch with us.

You can be sure that you will receive an excellent service with professionals qualified to do the




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