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Where can I get a New Car Key from in South Wales and Bristol?

South Wales and Bristol cover pretty large areas of the UK, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find the best place for you to get your new car key.

Whatever your circumstances, it can be overwhelming searching “New car key South Wales” or “Get a new car key Bristol” on Google, with hundreds of relevant websites and contact details being listed. However, you can make your job that bit easier with our handy hints and tips.


With technology as advanced as it is today, it is no longer as simple as going to your local key cutter to have a spare car key made. You will need to seek help from a professional who has access to special programming equipment, capable of programming transponder chips (as that is what most cars on the roads today use).

Make it easy for yourself

If you’ve come across this blog, it’s likely that you have heard of an “auto locksmith”. Like County Auto Keys, these experts specialise in programming car keys and helping you gain access to your vehicle, without causing any damage.

Whilst you may be thinking that you can get a new car key from the dealership from whom you purchased your vehicle, this can cause you extra hassle and costs. One of the many advantages of an auto locksmith is the fact that they are mostly mobile, meaning they can come to wherever your car is. This removes any need for you to organise travel to garages or dealerships. What’s more, auto locksmiths will more than likely have the onboard technology and equipment needed to get the job done within 30 minutes. Simples.

Don’t hire the first Auto Locksmith you find

We’ve all been there, when we’ve gone shopping for that jumper and ended back at the first shop we saw one. That’s completely fine, however it is important, like when shopping for that jumper, that you do your research and browsing in order to find the right auto locksmith for you.

Ensure that they:

  • Are qualified to do the job.

  • Cover your area.

  • Can provide you with the service you require.

  • Have reviews on either Google, Facebook, Trustpilot etc.

Auto Locksmith covering South Wales and Bristol

If you’re looking for an auto locksmith in the South Wales or Bristol areas, why not get in touch with our professional, friendly team.

To find out all the areas we cover, please click here.



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