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4 Reasons why you shouldn’t Break into your own Car

We depend on the internet now more than ever, and with videos and how-to articles just one click away, we can pretty much fix and make anything we put our minds to. However, breaking into your car after locking yourself out shouldn’t be one of them.

Before you pull out your phone to Google how to break into your own car, you should seriously consider these four reasons not to.

You could hurt yourself

Solutions such as wrapping your fist with a jumper and smashing it into the window (like you see in the movies) and using a crowbar to force the door open are two of the many dangerous solutions available online to gain access to your vehicle. Not only would these damage your car, but you could be looking at a potential visit to hospital if they were to go wrong. It’s better, and safer, to call an auto locksmith.

You could cause damage to your car

As mentioned in the first reason above, it’s not just you that could come out of this scenario hurt. In fact, there’s more chance that your car will receive damage as a result of your DIY. You could break the door lock, window glass or even scratch the paintwork - all of which can be rather pricey and actually cost more than calling out an auto locksmith in the first instance.

You’ll find it harder than you first thought

Cars made over the last few years now have extensive anti-theft technology built into them. This will make it a lot harder than you might have originally imagined to break into your vehicle. So save yourself time and call a professional auto locksmith to help get the job done.

Don’t trust what you read

If you’ve tried Googling how to break into your car, you’ll find thousands of different step-by-step guides. The risk with this is that what might work for one car doesn’t necessarily work for another. Unless you can find a guide for the exact make and model of your vehicle, you could end up wasting a lot of time.

Auto Locksmith in South Wales

We want to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, using our expert knowledge and experience we’ve gained as auto locksmiths in South Wales.

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