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5 reasons to keep an auto locksmith in your phone contacts

An auto locksmith is one of those services you think you’ll never need. But if and when you find yourself in a rather difficult situation requiring the help of one, saving the number in your phone contacts in advance could potentially prevent a lot of stress.

You could be in a car park trying to get home, or about to leave the house for work. Wherever you find yourself at the time, it’s inevitable that you’re going to want to get access to your vehicle as quickly as possible.

If you do your research in advance, ask people you know or search on Google for reliable auto locksmiths with reviews and save their number to your contacts. This way, you won’t have to worry about doing this at a time you really don’t want to be.

Here’s five reasons you should keep the number of a local auto locksmith in your phone book.

What does an auto locksmith do?

Just in case you weren’t sure exactly what an auto locksmith does, they are trained and qualified individuals who work with the locks and keys of vehicles including bikes, vans and cars. Auto locksmiths like ourselves replace and reprogramme car keys on a daily basis.

So why should you have an auto locksmith number saved in your phone?

1. You’ve lost your vehicle’s keys

There’s never a convenient time to lose your car keys and whilst it’s extremely common, it can happen anywhere. Even if you keep the keys in a safe place and have never lost them before, it’s possible to lose them whilst out and about. For example if they slip out of a pocket or bag. In any case, it’s important to get your car keys back quickly. Having an auto locksmith already saved in your phone book means that you can call them and get a solution to your problem within just one or two hours.

2. The key breaks in the lock

If your key breaks in the lock, it usually means you’re locked out of your vehicle. Not great when you’ve got somewhere to be, right? An auto locksmith needs to get on the case as soon as possible. Ring them straight away and like us, they should be able to get out to you that very same day!

3. You’re locked out

There’s numerous situations which could mean you’re now locked out of your vehicle. Whatever the issue, you’re probably going to need a new key or fob which can be easily reproduced by an auto locksmith thanks to their clever tools.

4. The transponder isn’t working

Most new cars now have transponders. Whilst they have many advantages, they’re not so great when damaged - it’s not as simple as getting a new key cut. Instead of being ‘cut’, they require reprogramming and going to a dealer isn’t an option. That’s why having the number for an auto locksmith might prove super handy!

5. Your car has been broken into

Thieves use various methods to break into vehicles, but if they’ve been successful in breaking into your car and have damaged your locks, you’ll probably need new ones including new keys.

You’re not going to want to leave your vehicle unlocked for long, so make sure you get in touch with an auto locksmith to help with this.



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