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An Auto Locksmiths Guide to Keeping Your Car Secure

Cars are continuously being targeted by thieves across the UK. In 2018, ​113,000 cars were stolen​ and logged by the police. Whilst the car security technology we have is improving, thieves are still finding ways to get into our vehicles (and not just by stealing our car keys).

If your car is stolen, it is unlikely for you to recover the full cost of it via your insurance and you may still owe money on it if you have finance outstanding.

Car thief
Thief breaking into car

To prevent your car being stolen, we suggest taking into consideration the following precautions. The more steps you take towards making your car secure, the less likely it is to get stolen.

Get Additional Locks

You can get locks for your steering wheel and handbrake, which not only makes it a lot harder for thieves to drive away with your vehicle, but once they’ve clocked the extra security measures you’ve taken, can deter them completely.

Hide Valuable Items

It goes without saying that you should never leave valuables on show in your car. This goes for mobiles, computers, handbags, basically anything that makes it worthwhile breaking into your car for. You should even take extra steps to remove sat navs and radios if possible.

Avoid Leaving your Car Running

It can be tempting to leave your car running whilst you try to de-ice it and warm it up during the frosty winter. Maybe you even pop back into the house to get some water to pour over your windscreen, leaving your car on the driveway. You never know who might be watching, so make sure you turn off your engine and lock the doors when you’re not in view of it.

Park Somewhere Secure

You might find it appealing to park out of the way and away from other cars, particularly if you don’t want your car damaged. However, doing so could put your vehicle at risk. Parking within view of CCTV, in a well-lit street or within public view means that should your car get stolen, it’s likely that someone saw it.

Take Care of your Keys

Last but definitely not least, make sure your keys are never unattended in public. Whilst at home, put them somewhere safe and out of view, and away from any letterboxes - thieves are known to use long, metal devices that can unhook keys in hallways.

If the correct steps are taken, you can prevent your vehicle from being stolen and resulting in, potentially, no car. However, if you find that your car keys have been stolen, you should ​get in touch with an auto locksmith​ as soon as possible to prevent the thieves taking your car at a later date.

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21 jun 2019

In this modern era the security of our car is also considered as critical matter. Therefore devoid of car locksmith the security of your vehicle is not possible. Never underrate the utilization of car locksmith.

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