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Are keyless cars more likely to get stolen than non-keyless ones?

According to a recent report by insurance company Aviva, keyless cars are twice as likely to be stolen than non-keyless ones. If you have a keyless car sitting outside right now, don’t panic - there’s things you can do to prevent it being stolen.

In 2021, keyless car theft made up 94% of all cars recovered by Tracker, a vehicle tracing firm.

Keyless entry theft can be easy for those who know what they’re doing and who have the right technology. This method is also discreet, meaning that it can be carried out in broad daylight often without arousing suspicion. The old-fashioned car theft involving the breaking of windows or the hot wiring of a car is a (noisy) thing of the past.

Whilst vehicle technology develops and improves with each year, so does the knowledge of criminals. So here are a few ways to keep your keyless car safe…

1. Store your fob in a signal-blocking container - this will prevent the signal being received by thieves.

2. Park somewhere safe and well-lit - parking on a gated drive or on a well-lit road will potentially put off thieves looking for an easy steal.

3. They might be a bit old-school, but fit a steering lock - it works as not only a deterrent, but if thieves gain access to your vehicle, they won’t be able to drive it away.

4. Add a tracking device to your car - if your car is stolen, you should be able to track exactly where it is and have it retrieved with the assistance of police.

5. It might be obvious, but triple-check that your car is actually locked - listen for the sound of the locking mechanism. The motor industry is well-aware of the struggles that vehicle owners face in their fight against car-theft. In fact, they’re in their own fight, trying to develop new technology that counteracts the technology and methods that criminals now use.

South Wales Auto Locksmith

Whilst there’s no definitive answer to preventing car theft, the list above will certainly act as a deterrent. If you run into any vehicle lock or key mishaps, you know who to contact!



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