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Are Lost or Damaged Car Keys Covered by my Car Insurance Policy?

Unfortunately, there’s no definite answer without checking with your car insurance provider (or breakdown cover policy). Sometimes, replacement car keys are covered by your car insurance, but key cover can also come as an optional extra or upgrade.

You’ve got your phone, you’ve got your bag, but you can’t seem to find your car keys anywhere. Don’t worry, over a quarter of car owners have lost their keys at some point. It can be a real inconvenience, but you need to make sure you act sooner rather than later, particularly for security reasons.

Replacing your car keys

If your keys were stolen, then you need to get an auto locksmith in as soon as possible to eliminate any security risks e.g. your car being stolen, by re-programming your vehicle so that any lost or stolen key can no longer access the car, van or caravan.

These days, car keys are high-tech devices that come with transponder chips, meaning they’re more complex to replace or re-programme without an auto locksmith.

If your replacement car keys are covered by your insurance policy, there are various different types of cover. One being that the cost of replacing the car keys is covered, and another is that your insurance provider would arrange for a professional to access your vehicle in order to get any valuables such as a handbag. Make sure you read any small print that came with your policy to understand exactly what you have included.

Replacement car keys without insurance cover

If you don’t have any cover for your car keys, then don’t panic. You can still get them replaced. As long as you have your Driving Licence and Vehicle Registration Document (V5) to prove that you own the car, then an auto locksmith can assist.

If sourcing the replacement keys is in your hands, it’s recommended that you hire the service of an auto locksmith to save you both money and time.

Hire a specialist

A professional auto locksmith can provide replacement car keys for most manufacturers. What’s even better is that if you don’t have access to your vehicle, you can’t drive, so most auto locksmiths come to you. Saving you the hassle of getting yourself to them.

Get in touch today for a quotation on replacement car keys and more.

Tip: Before you claim on your insurance, make sure you check as to whether it will affect your no-claims discount.



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