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Car Key Programming in South Wales and Bristol

If you have been locked out of your car due to losing your key, or the key has worn down or deteriorated, it is extremely likely that you will require “car key programming”. An auto locksmith will know exactly how to program your key with the right tools and equipment.

What is “car key programming”?

We understand that you might not necessarily know what car key programming means, which is why we are here to help. The whole process involves changing the functions of a certain key fob or transponder to enable you to access and start-up your car or van.

Most car keys today have transponder chips, which holds specific data required for a cars immobiliser system to recognise them. Transponder chips are considered safer and diminish the risk of other car keys opening your vehicle. Think of your car key as a little radio transmitter, synchronised to your vehicle.

Sometimes the transponder chip in your key can lose connection with your cars Electrical Control Unit (ECU). When this happens, you will need your car key programmed back to your vehicle. You may have even bought a blank key yourself. In this case, if the car key has the correct transponder chip (otherwise we can supply you with it), we can program it for you.

If your car key is pre 1995, it won’t need programming however, you will require a new car key to be cut and copied.

How long does car key programming take?

Auto locksmiths, like ourselves, are able to programme car keys in a couple of minutes, minimising the time you have to wait around. Especially when there’s somewhere you might have to be. Some car key programming may require a PIN code and/or diagnostic machine to complete the process, which can take a little bit longer.

Professional Auto Locksmith in South Wales and Bristol

It may be common sense, but ensure you get in touch with an auto locksmith, somebody that deals specifically in cars and not a residential locksmith, as they may not have the professional training required to do the job.

At County Auto Keys we offer a full, professional auto locksmith service, from gaining access to your vehicle to programming replacement keys. We work with many manufacturers, ensuring we can get all of our customers back on the road.



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