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How you can prevent Vehicle Theft

Firstly, let’s be clear. Auto locksmiths are qualified professionals. After years of studying and qualifying in the field, we use our skills to make the whole process (whatever service you require from us) as quick and painless as possible. From our experience, most of our customers are in a rush and don’t have time to have their vehicle towed to a garage.

If you lose your car keys, have them stolen or accidentally lock them inside your vehicle, we can gain entry by picking the lock, which causes no damage. Whilst we may make this look simple, it takes experience and knowledge and is not a case of watching YouTube videos.

Unfortunately there are people out there who illegally try to gain access to your vehicle, whether that be to steal it or get to something inside.

We’ve put together some tips to help keep your car safe from car thieves…

Keep valuables out of sight

Handbags, smart phones, tablets and money are all attractive to criminals. Even things that might not be of value to you, such as CDs, could be to a thief. When leaving your vehicle (even if it is to pop to the shop for five minutes), you should ensure any valuables are tucked out of sight.

Ensure you have a Car Alarm

Most cars come with an alarm of some sort, but there are inexpensive ones out there should you need one. We’ve all heard a car alarm go off (most of the time, because of an electric problem), but they are a deterrent for car thieves.

Park in well-populated areas

We advise that you don’t leave your car in unlit streets or lanes. By parking in well-populated and lit areas, whilst being another deterrent for criminals, should anything bad happen to your vehicle then it is likely someone may have seen something. There may even be CCTV cameras around too!

Install vehicle cameras

Many car owners now use vehicle cameras to capture footage whilst they are driving. This covers them and provides evidence should they crash for example. Some of these cameras also start up when sensing movement, perfect for capturing thieves when your vehicle is stationary. Even by just having the cameras in view means that thieves are unlikely to target your vehicle. Why not place a “Smile you’re on Camera” sticker on your car?

County Auto Keys takes car security seriously. Our services and solutions are designed to give you peace of mind should something go wrong with your vehicle. We can even come out to assess what can be done to help improve the security of your vehicle.

For all auto locksmith services in the South Wales area, you know where to come. Get in touch today!



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