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I’ve Lost my Car Keys in South Wales - What do I do?

You’ve lost your car keys somewhere in South Wales and now you’re panicking that they’re in the wrong hands and someone might be able to gain access to your vehicle. Maybe someone took them or saw where you left them?

The likelihood is that you’re locked out of your car (unless you have easy access to a spare) and are not able to move it to a safe location.

Lost Car Keys in South Wales

Who can Help?

The obvious answer in your head is to probably get in touch with the dealer or your insurance, but these aren’t always the best routes to go down. By going down the insurance path, you’re adding a claim to your policy and by heading to a dealer, you could be adding extra cost and time to an already stressful situation.

You’re right in looking for a way to prevent any possibility of your car being stolen though, as you don’t know who (if anyone) has your keys and if they know who you are or where your car is.

In this instance, you should get in touch with the right help - a local car locksmith, such as ourselves, who will be able to get into your vehicle safely and then reprogramme a new set of keys for you. When searching for an auto locksmith, ensure you search for one in your local area. There are many national firms out there that subcontract the work out to local firms, but this will cost you more.

Should I Risk It?

Obviously there’s nothing telling you that you have to do anything about the keys you’ve lost, however, you’re definitely risking it if you don’t. If your vehicle does end up getting stolen, your car insurance could be invalid meaning you don’t get a pay out. There’s also the need to consider whether any other keys were on your car keys, such as house keys. If so, you may need to consider changing the locks on your home, for peace of mind if anything else.

We recommend getting the right, professional help as soon as you can.

If you think someone might have stolen your car keys, you should file a police report with your local station as soon as possible.

Auto Locksmith South Wales

Here at County Auto Keys, we specialise in a variety or auto locksmith services. Our mobile service means we can get to you, easily and quickly. Please get in touch for more information.



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