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Looking to Fix a Snapped Car Key in the Cardiff area?

A broken car key can occur just at the wrong time, when you need to be somewhere in particular or don’t have the time for such an inconvenience. Like most things that are used daily, there can be signs of wear and tear, which need to be looked out for. It’s not just the car key that can show these signs, the ignition can wear down after time and weaken the key.

Unfortunately, if your car key snaps in the ignition or door lock, it can’t be fixed directly. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to get back into your car or start the engine.

Have you found yourself in the predicament of a snapped car key in Cardiff and need assistance from an Auto Locksmith?

Volkswagen Car

Snapped Car Key in Cardiff

We have good news for you. A snapped car key isn’t the end of the world. By ensuring you keep the snapped bit of your car key, an Auto Locksmith like County Auto Keys can easily cut a new key for you. We can also remove the other part of the car key left in the ignition or lock.

We use specialist car key extraction tools to remove snapped car keys and depending on the type of lock system your car has, we may sometimes need to remove and strip down the lock to remove the left-over piece of car key.

If you have a​ transponder chip ​car key, then providing it’s not damaged, we can place this into the new unit. Alternatively, this can be replaced.

It can be easy for a car key to get stuck in an ignition or car door. As previously mentioned, these can also wear down over time. If you begin to feel that your car key is getting “sticky”, is bending or suddenly can’t be removed, contact an Auto Locksmith. By forcing the key out, you can cause further damage which can result in a more costly repair.

You’d be suprised at how many snapped car key cases we deal with in the Cardiff area. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please ​get in touch​ for a professional, efficient auto locksmith service.

When you get in touch with us, be sure to let us know of your location, car model and car registration so that we can be certain of the tools and equipment required to get the job done as efficiently as we can.



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