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Our Tips for Protecting your Car this Christmas

Things are a little different this Christmas, our shopping trips now consist of social distancing, mask-wearing and hand sanitizer. Whilst it’s all a bit strange for us, car thieves are still targeting vehicles parked in popular shopping spots in the hope that some pricey gifts might be hiding in them.

Not only would having your car broken into ruin your day, it would be sure to ruin your Christmas too. We’ve put together some tips to help you from becoming a target for car thieves this festive season.

Our Tips for Protecting your Car this Christmas

Park Safely

We all know how busy car parks can be at this time of year, so being able to choose a place to park your car isn’t always going to be easy. But if you can try, then finding somewhere that’s well-lit, in a public area, under CCTV and surrounded by lots of other cars are great deterrents for car thieves.

Try not to return to your Car mid-Shop

We’ve all done it. You’re out shopping and you’re being weighed down by shopping bags, so to make life easier you return to your car to drop them off before going back to shop some more. Whilst this is good for your back and shoulders, it’s not good for the safety of your car and shopping. Many car thieves hang around car parks waiting for the right opportunity.

When they see you going back to your car with a load of bags (especially if they’re branded and you can tell exactly what’s in them and the rough price, for example Apple), you’re opening yourself up to be targeted.

Not only that, they’ll know you won’t be back for a while based on the kind of shopping you’re doing and the fact that you’ve needed to come back to offload.

Hide Valuables

In fact, no, don't hide them. Don’t leave them in your vehicle at all. If possible, always keep your valuable items on you. Never leave your phone, bag, wallet, spare keys etc. lying on the floor, seats or dashboard of your car.

Change your Routine

It’s common for experienced car thieves to get to know the routine of their targets in order to understand when and for how long they are away from their vehicles. If you own an expensive car, it’s inevitable that you’re going to stand out, which is why for you in particular, you should change up your routine by mixing up where you park, alternate cars if possible and arrive and leave locations at different times.

Double Check Locks

A pretty obvious one, but it’s easy enough to walk away from your vehicle having forgotten to lock it. You might be distracted by children or a phone call; no matter the reason, always always double check you’ve locked your car.

South Wales Auto Locksmith

If you find yourself needing the services of an Auto Locksmith in South Wales this festive season, we can get you back into your vehicle. Whether you’ve broken or lost your keys, need spares ones or have locked yourself out, please get in touch.



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