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Repairing & Replacing Car Transponder Keys

Trying to find a replacement or fix for a car transponder key can be stressful and

time-consuming. And if research hasn’t been done properly, it can result in a costly repair or

replacement, something we want to help you avoid.

Transponder Key

What is a Transponder Key?

Most modern cars now use a transponder key as they add extra security, making it difficult for

thieves to steal your vehicle. When pressing the button on your transponder key, a low

frequency signal is transmitted via a microchip to a remote receiver in your car that tells it to


As well as extra security, another benefit of transponder keys is that you won’t find yourself

locked out of your vehicle - the signal would automatically unlock it. Car lock outs can be

particularly dangerous if children or pets are involved, in which case you need assistance as

soon as possible.

Where can I fix or replace my Transponder Key?

Unfortunately, transponder keys tend to be more expensive and tricky to replace or repair than

your standard car key. Your best option is to contact an auto locksmith who has the correct

equipment to hand. Car dealerships are an alternative option, however they tend to charge a lot

more and aren’t as quick - and nobody wants to be without their vehicle for longer than they

need to be, right?

As we always say, make sure you have a spare to hand to avoid unnecessary stress or panic in

situations where you’ve lost, broken or had your car key stolen.

Call County Auto Keys today!

We might be a little bit biased, but if you’re looking for an auto locksmith in South Wales, you

won’t find another company that provides the quality of service that we do. Our van has

state-of-the-art equipment inside, meaning that wherever you are in South Wales, we can get to

you with the right tools.

If you’ve read this blog and have now realised that you need to get a spare key, please give us a




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