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Smart Car Key Replacement & Repair in South Wales

Firstly, you might be wondering how a smart car key is different from any other key out there. In short, a smart key allows you to operate a car without having to take the key out of the fob. Advancement in technology has meant that some smart keys can also start the vehicle without inserting it into the ignition (as long as it’s inside the vehicle), and open the vehicle doors by simply touching a certain area of the door handle (as long as the key is on your person). Amazing, right?

What to do when your Smart Car Key stops working

If your smart car key suddenly stops working, ensure that it is indeed the key and not the fob. Do this by testing it to unlock, lock or start your vehicle. If this works then it is likely that there is something wrong with your fob - which could be a simple battery replacement.

After trying the above, if you are still having an issue we would suggest getting in touch with a reliable auto locksmith for a replacement.

In some situations you may be able to reset your smart key yourself (but always check your manual for the instructions for your specific car as all cars are different) - some cars also come with a resetting tool.

Getting a replacement Smart Car Key

The process of getting a replacement smart car key is pretty simple. If you call an auto locksmith such as ourselves, we can come to you and provide you with a replacement within 30 minutes. This would include having a new car key cut and the fob reprogrammed.

The cost of replacing a smart car key can be discussed and confirmed when you call your auto locksmith.

Smart Car Key replacement in South Wales

Most new cars these days will come with smart car keys. Replacing or fixing these types of keys shouldn’t worry you as they are easily replaced without difficulty by reliable and experienced auto locksmiths.

If you find yourself requiring assistance with your smart car key, please get in touch and we would be more than happy to help.



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