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Taking your Car on Holiday and whether you should take a Spare Key

Around this time of year we often begin looking at booking holidays for the summer. With there slowly being a light at the end of the tunnel with Covid-19, you might now be considering a UK break for later in the year.

Packing a spare car key isn’t often at the top (or at all) of our holiday list, but it’s something that should be. Recent research found that 40% of drivers don’t take a spare set on holiday, with 19% admitting they’ve lost theirs whilst on their break away. Holidays should be relaxing and you really don’t want to deal with the hassle and expense of losing car keys.

We’ve put together the following useful tips to make sure your holiday goes without a hitch, whilst you also take a spare set of car keys along for the ride

Spare Car Key

Designate a Safe Place for the Spare Car Keys

One of the first things you should do when arriving at your holiday accommodation is decide where you are going to safely keep the car keys. Whether that be a drawer or safe; and make sure you remember.

Tip: Don’t leave your keyless entry car keys close to your parked car. Thieves can use a device to remotely access your car if given the chance.

Make your Keys Stand Out

Keyrings can be rather annoying, we get it but not only do they look great, they play a great part in us being able to see and find them when we’ve lost them. Especially if the keyrings happen to be brightly coloured.

Find My Keys Device

If you’re likely to forget where you’ve left your keys, it might be worth investing and taking along a lightweight, bluetooth tracking device that attaches to your keys like a keyring and allows your mobile phone to find the keys.

Lastly but most Importantly

Do not take your spare car keys out of your safe place and accommodation unless absolutely necessary. These are a back-up plan, your Plan B, and should be used in an emergency should you lose your usual set.

Lost Car Keys - A Job for an Auto Locksmith

In the unfortunate event that you do lose your car keys whilst on holiday and are without a spare, you’ll need to get in touch with someone experienced for the job.

An Auto Locksmith will be able to reprogramme the code and potentially do it there and then, so that there’s no hold up and time away from your holiday



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