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The 5 Biggest Mistakes you make with your Car Key Fob

Car key fobs are definitely one of those little luxuries in life. Whilst you may not have thought

about it before, they make our lives that bit easier providing us with instant access to our

vehicles at the click of a button. Some even lock or unlock our cars without being touched!

Most of us depend on our cars and without the car key fobs to access them, we can find

ourselves in a pretty stressful situation. Especially when we have places to be and people to


Our car key fobs require special care and maintenance to ensure they last. Here are five of the

biggest mistakes people make with their car key fobs...

Car Key Fob

1. In Distance of Car Thieves

Car key fobs should be kept well away from your front door such as in a kitchen drawer.

Many people choose to hang their car keys on a hook in their hallway, leaving them

vulnerable to keyless car theft.

For more information on keyless car theft, read this blog.

2. Kept too close to your Vehicle

Our car key fobs are consistently sending out signals to recognise our vehicles, but

when kept too close to the car, the key battery can drain much quicker. We suggest

ensuring your car keys are kept a good few metres away to ensure longevity. Which

brings us on to the next point...

3. Drained Battery

Most car key fobs can last up to five years, however if used incorrectly can drain a lot

quicker (as mentioned above).

If you suspect your car key is broken because it’s no longer working, it may be the

simple fact that the battery has died. In which case, you will need to purchase a new

one. New car key fob batteries cost around £5 and are much cheaper than buying a new

fob and getting it programmed.

4. Fix it yourself

We’ve all done it. Something has broken and we’ve googled and researched fixing it

ourselves. Whilst that might work for a broken clock, car key fobs are another level. A

level that an auto locksmith might be required for, saving you money in the long run.

5. Not kept in the same place

How many times have you misplaced your car keys in your own home? Maybe you’ve

found them in a mound of laundry or one of the children has hidden them from view. It’s

always a good idea to have one single, safe place where you keep your car keys so that

you’re not rushing around in a panic, trying to find them when you have somewhere to


Auto Locksmith covering South Wales

If you’re having difficulties with your car key fob, there could be numerous solutions. By hiring an

auto locksmith, you can ensure you’ve got the right person for the job and that they’ll be able to

identify the problem.

We provide mobile auto locksmith services in South Wales and have vast experience in the

industry. For all of your auto locksmith needs, please get in touch.

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2021년 7월 19일

If you have lost your only set of keys, an auto locksmith can provide you with a replacement and re-program the new car key to match your vehicles.

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